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MAYR Electromagnetic Clutch Brakes Model Takt Duta Perkasa

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01 / 12 / 2019
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CV. DUTA PERKASA berpusat di Surabaya, Indonesia adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang industrial supply dan solusi, produk kami terdiri dari Electric Motor, Vibrator Motor, Gear Motor, Gearbox, Coupling, Clutch & Brakes, Pumps, Chain Hoist & produk industrial lainnya.

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Detail MAYR Electromagnetic Clutch Brakes Model Takt Duta Perkasa

MAYR Electromagnetic Clutch and Brakes Model Takt Duta Perkasa
The clutch brake module for positioning and synchronising
- Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly
- Positioning accuracy for the entire service lifetime
- High switching frequency
- Maintenance-free during the entire service lifetime
- Low-noise
- Sealed
- Individual variants
1. without flange
2. with cast IEC-flange
3. with hollow shaft
1. Maintenance-free/no manual readjustment
- Constant switching behaviour, i.e. high positioning accuracy and freedom from maintenance over the entire service lifetime
- No downtime due to readjustment
2. High radial shaft end loads 
- Strengthened bearings
- High radial loads of the input and output shafts permitted
3. Heat dissipation Optimized heat dissipation and large cooling ribs
- Optimum operation temperature due to dissipation of the frictional heat
- Constant characteristic operating data
4. Low leakage flux/high friction power
- Larger magnetic and friction surfaces (asbestos free) with the same dimensions due to the new technology of the clutches and brakes
- Optimised electromagnetic effect, i.e. low leakage flux, faster switching behaviour, less heat build-up and, therefore, constant holding accuracy
5. Sturdy housing
- Consists of en bloc cast two part ribbed housing, in a flanged design with cast flanges
- Large housing rigidity guarantees dimensional stability, even with loads not caused under regular conditions (for example weight load by people)

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